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Advanced Planning

    What is Advance Funeral Planning?

Advance funeral planning is planning today for tomorrow’s funeral, cremation and/or cemetery needs. According to the latest statistics, approximately 21 million people over the age of 50 have all or part of their final arrangements completed and prepaid.

There is no guarantee that regular life or medical insurance proceeds will not be consumed by a long illness, serious accident or some other change in your financial future. Life Insurance cannot make the many decisions at the time of need. Advance funeral planning does all of this- and it leaves the life insurance untouched for the living. Pre-planning funeral and cemetery arrangements today is widely considered a valuable part of estate planning.


  •  Locking in the price of the goods and service selected at today’s price;


  • Eases the future financial burden on your surviving loved ones;


  • Decisions about final arrangements can be made calmly and rationally together as a family rather than during the emotionally difficult and stressful time after a death has occurred;


  • Making the decisions well in advance also provides families with the ability to avoid confusion, emotional overspending and financial difficulties after the death of a loved one.



Because pre-arranging is price-protected, the merchandise and services selected today will never cost more. After your arrangements are paid, the merchandise and services specified will remain inflation- proof forever.

Away from Home Protection:

 While travelling away from home (100 km or more) anywhere in the world, there are options available to provide transportation and arrangements on the death of a loved one. This service will bring your loved one back to their home for burial.

Comfort to those remaining:

 Knowing all your wishes were made in advance can bring comfort to surviving family members and friends. Pre-arranging your funeral or cremation service is a decision that only you can make. But it is a decision which will affect those you love the most and those who love you the most.

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